ABRRA LIFE – a Start up in lavatory essentials supply to Corporates & individuals, our ranges include products of unisex personal care, beauty care & daily hygiene products, by simple subscribing at ABRRA.LIFE. With this rewarding subscription for employees, a company enters into the highly respected & responsible Club of Limited corporates , where they invest for their employee, to have a greater affinity & empowered community of performers. The entire products range are TOXIN FREE & ORGANIC , sourced carefully for you. We are working on personal care & hygiene product ranges since 2017 with few top brands & own luxury line of products exclusively on subscription module in India.

In a pilot round , we tested the subscription programme [3X GROWTH -WELLNESS REWARD* ] across corporates, where we found top managements-business owners very happy, for their employees performance enhancement at various level, which brought them higher growth. We are delighted to bring this corporate wellness @ABRRA LIFE, to the next level, it’s our phase 2 expansion to provide toxin free -genuine supplies , which not only enables workplaces to enhance overall culture , but will bring positive growth for the corporate .


In men’s dominant world , women are neglected since long, In a study we found , from 24 hour, a women spend 10 hours approx at work place including transit duration , they sleep 7-8 hours , rest 8-7 hours spend for family, daily routine work & everything as a social responsible women. The most precious time they are spending at work. To be hygiene , one need continuous personal care with time interval. Unfortunately they spend this time without quality personal care & hygiene products. We are bringing curated collections of ABRRA LIFE to your reach , now they can focus much on everything to balance & grow. No need to carry your heavier bag or depend on the contractor’s inferior products. We at ABRRA LIFE are committed to your personal concerns – WE ARE BLESSED TO WORKING FOR YOU, LET’s BREAK THE BARRIER.