Cleaning Market Changing in India Post Carona : Changed from luxury to necessity.

Cleaning Market Changing in India Post Carona : Changed from luxury to necessity.

As we pointed out in earlier features about the India cleaning industry, things look good for the near future: the professional cleaning industry is growing in terms of output, but is also maturing when it comes to the status of the profession. This is clearly reflected by estimations made by an Allied Market Research report called Cleaning Services Market-Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecasts, it will reach roughly $74 million by the year 2022. According to a study that focuses on the global professional cleaning market, most regions in the world are still growing. The largest growth figures can be found in the Asia Pacific region, where several factors contribute to a thriving professional cleaning industry. Due to major population is to reside in cities in coming years, the opportunity is growing.

Asia Pacific is the second largest market of the world, in terms cleaning services and market size,The biggest market in the Asian region is China, yet countries like Australia, Singapore and India are also expected to show even higher growth rates until the year 2022. Changes in family structures across the Asia Pacific region have a strong impact on the industry, especially with women entering the workforce, which disrupts traditional family structures wherein the wife is expected to care of the house.

All in all, there is much excitement in the professional cleaning industry in India, which is also reflected by the increase of cleaning exhibitions held across the Asia continent. “Growing disposable income, growing working women population, rising demand from commercial consumers are some of the major factors which are contributing to the fastest growth of cleaning services market . millions of women who were dependent on men have taken control of their own economic outcomes. The expansion of higher education enhanced job prospects for women. It has improved their value in the job market and shifted their role models from housewife to successful professional women.

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Like China & Japan, the growth is primarily driven by the upsurge in demand in India. What are the main factors contributing to growth in India? And what can other cleaning regions learn from the Indian case in terms of growth and expansion? In other words, what is the cleaning industry doing right?

India is the potential market for the growth of cleaning services market due to high population base, growth in disposable income, and rise in consumers’ awareness. In the past, the cleaning industry in India was not so vibrant. The flexibility in the laws has made it easier to start a successful cleaning company in India. And the relatively low capital investment, low level of market share and the extreme demand for the cleaning services in the country has given a new life to the cleaning industry in India.”

“The main challenge faced by the professional cleaning industry is intense competition in the market. The cleaning services market in Asia Pacific is characterised by high competition predominantly in developing regions.

Few large companies have a significant presence in the market by serving customers with multiple locations, whereas large number of small companies compete efficiently in local markets, especially for small businesses and residential customers.” Could you perhaps break down per country what are the most relevant growth numbers when it comes to the professional cleaning industry?

“The market for cleaning services in Asia Pacific is likely to grow at a CAGR of seven per cent from 2016 to 2022. Furthermore, the professional cleaning industries in China, Japan and India are likely to grow at CAGRs of 6.7 per cent, seven per cent and 7.4 per cent respectively during the forecast period.”

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