Marilyn Monroe’s Beauty Rituals! Most Followed Beauty Icon.

Marilyn Monroe’s Beauty Rituals! Most Followed Beauty Icon.

Marilyn Monroe has been revered as a beauty icon for decades. The actress was the epitome of old Hollywood glamor and, even today, many of us are still trying to recreate her signature bombshell look. Don’t get me wrong: The IG beauty trend is a solid look, but nothing beats vintage-inspired glam.

In the 16-year span of her acting career, she made 29 films and looked great in every single one. And despite being viewed as a sex symbol to the masses, Monroe used her platform for social good: She brought body-conscious designs to the forefront of fashion in a visible way and continued the conversation around body diversity and representation in Hollywood.

For instance, in 1955, Monroe promised the Mocambo club owner that she would sit at the front of the house every night and bring other celebrities with her if they let Ella Fitzgerald, someone whom the club owner had previously dismissed, perform. Of course, they complied.

Monroe was instructed to wash her face and neck in warm water with the  Soap. After rinsing off in the same water, she then applied the  Toner to her entire face, (except around the eyes) with a large piece of cotton saturated to the dripping point.

After blotting the excess off with a tissue, she then applied the Eye Cream under her eyes “in tiny dots,” and then dabbed the Face Powder on her entire face and neck.

Although both of the products brand have since been discontinued. Her evening routine was the same as her morning routine. However, there was a slight change for formal occasions: Instead of applying the eye cream solely under her eyes, Monroe was instructed to apply the cream all over her face, including on her neck. Afterward, she would blot the cream and then apply the Duo-Phase Powder.

Before retiring for bed (which just sounds fancy), her routine consisted of applying Oil to her “entire face, lips and neck with a large piece of cotton saturated to the dripping point” to oil cleanse.

After rinsing, she applied the Cream. After that, the cream was washed off with a piece of cotton saturated with the best available Controlling Lotion toner. After drying her face and neck, Monroe was instructed to reapply the controlling lotion to her nose and chin and allow for it to dry overnight.

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