Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea-Staple Free -25 Bags/pkt – 3 Pkt

Kashmiri Kahwa is blended using 100% natural ingredients, with no oils, added aroma or flavors. A pure blend Kashmiri Kahwa may help cleanse the digestive system and improve immunity.

Cinnamon may help in relieving oxidative stress and enhance blood circulation, while the Cardamom may help clear up free radicals and resist cellular aging. Catechins in Green tea may help increase metabolic rate and thus decrease body fat. Green tea can become a perfect beverage for your daily weight loss regime.

Kahwa is known to improve metabolism and digestion. It may also relieve cold and cough symptoms, provide relief from headaches and may regulate blood pressure.

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Fresh, aromatic and heavenly flavors of Kashmir in your Green Tea.

Uplift yourself with Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea

Uplift yourself with the heavenly flavours of Kashmir; sweet spices blended with natural green tea leaves to create a feeling of bliss overflowing in every cup. A cup of rich-in- anti-oxidant Green tea and REAL spices. TE-A-ME Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea is an age-old Kashmiri recipe of garden fresh green tea, intricately blended with Cinnamon sticks (Dalchini) and South Indian Green Cardamom pieces.

Kahwa tea: What is it?

Kashmiri Kahwa is a traditional green tea preparation consumed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, some regions of Central Asia, and northern India, especially in Kashmir Valley. It is traditionally served to guests or as part of a celebration dinner. It is often served in tiny, shallow cups. In these areas, the drink is served post lunch or dinner. Sometimes milk is added to the kahwah, but this is generally given to the elderly or the sick.

Kahsmiri Kahwa: Drink of the Heavens! One sip of the delightful Kahwa drives you into a feeling of bliss, soothes your senses and relieves you from stress. The drink is also named so probably because it originates in the valley of Kashmir, also known as Paradise on Earth for its scenic beauty.


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