Mint Lemon Ginger Green Tea- Staple Free 25 Bags /pkt – 3 Pkts


Mint Lemon Ginger Green Tea may be perfect for your tummy health! Lemon and Ginger may facilitate digestive processes and act like an appetizer. It may prepare the digestive system for an influx of food. Menthol content of the tea may help relax muscles and unwind amidst on going mental stress.

While ginger may boast of a range of benefits like soothing ailing muscles, aiding digestion and assimilation, mint may act as blood purifier and lemon boosts immunity.

  • Green Tea (93%)
  • Natural Lemon Favour (3%)
  • Natural Mint Flavour (3%)
  • Natural Ginger Flavour (1%)

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Revive with mint lemon ginger green tea

Revive your soul with the refreshing taste of mint, infused with the goodness of ginger, the zingy freshness of lemon, and the detoxifying properties of pure green tea. TE-A-ME mint lemon ginger green tea is non-bitter green tea blend that can be enjoyed as a delightful drink on its own or as a revitalizing beverage to beat stress and fatigue.


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