My Period Subscription-Classic

MY PERIOD SUBSCRIPTION : Supply of Pads & Liners for your monthly Cycle, Reach you before your PC  + Free Care Guidance From Doctor. All your period woes will come to an end! Check out 5 reasons why our Monthly Pad Subscription is the right choice for you

  • Permeable Bottom Layer: Breathable layer at the bottom ensures maximum secure leak system and keeps you fresh
  • 8-in-1 Design: Ultra-thin sanitary napkins with a perforated soft surface, Leak Proof and super absorbent layer to keep you fresh and dry.
  • Utmost Care Guaranteed: We do not use any kind of perfume or dye as it causes skin irritation if you have sensitive skin.
  • World’s Latest Precision Technology: Super soft cotton material to eliminate harshness and promote skin-friendliness.
  • Wings of Comfort: Premium soft and cotton based design vis-a-vis existing plastic napkins to relieve you from rash and itching.

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      ABRRA. LIFE delivers  [8 XL + 12 R + 10 Liner] prior to your period date every month

  • How We Make The Box: We are trying to ensure ultimate care for your intimate skin and have designed the product to help you stay Relaxed, comfortable and confident during periods
  • Pads: Cotton || Skin-Friendly || Unique Design || Extra Protection || Permeable Bottom Layer || Wings ||  Ultra Thin || Super Absorbent
  • Delivery: Couple days before your chosen date so it gets delivered in time for your period
  • Subscription: Lifetime Plan (We will deliver the Box every month, you can pause/cancel the subscription anytime)

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