Orange Ginger Green Tea- Staple Free 25 Bags/pkt- 2 Pkts

Rejuvenate yourself with this delightful infusion -a blend of orange peel,ginger,apple pomace,cinnamon,clove and hibiscus.its magical flavour and aroma will revive your senses and boost your mood! Ingredients are:

  • Apple Peel (12%)
  • Rosehip (28%)
  • Hibiscus (30%)
  • Natural Orange Flavour (6%)
  • Sweet Blackberry Leaves (5%)
  • Ginger (5%)
  • Chicory Root (4%)
  • Orange Peel (2%)
  • Clove (2%)

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Orange Ginger Infusion contains vitamins and anti oxidants because of its fresh natural ingredients of hibiscus and apple peels. It may assist detoxification of the body organs and give you glowing skin.

Orange peels are among the top foods with proven health benefits. Its infusion may help fight free radicals and aging.

Drinking an infusion with ginger may help reduce daily anxiety, stress and create a relaxed sensation in the body and mind.


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